Coach Cliett 8th Grade Georgia History
 SS8E3 The student will evaluate the influence of Georgia’s economic growth and

                          a. Define profit and describe how profit is an incentive for entrepreneurs.
 b. Explain how entrepreneurs take risks to develop new goods and services to start a business.

          Profit and Entrepreneurship

          Profit is the amount of money you have left over AFTER paying all Costs (labor, transportation, advertising,and production)

          An Entrepreneur is a person who is willing to take the risk of investing time and capital ($$$) into a project or item in order to make a profit.

          This person must be willing to risk loss as well as gain and in many cases the anticipation of making a larger than normal profit motivates these individuals. They are not satisfied to work for set pay and time.

          Entrepreneurs can be anyone from stock market investors to small business owners to people such as Bill Gates and Donald Trump

          c. Evaluate the importance of entrepreneurs in Georgia who developed such enterprises as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Georgia-Pacific, and Home Depot

          Ga Entrepreneurs and Businesses

          Coca-Cola – Originally started by Atlanta Druggist John Pemberton where he mixed tonics to settle the stomach. With the temperance movement he needed to remove the alcohol content from his tonic so he experimented with the “Coca plant” and the “Kola Nut” to create a new tonic that was pleasing to drink.

          One day man with a headache came in and needed some of the coca cola syrup quickly to stop his headache. Instead of waiting for the druggist to mix it with regular water, he used some soda water located nearby. He claimed it tasted better with “soda water” instead of regular tap water and the drink known as Coca Cola was Born.

          Pemberton sold two-thirds of his company to man who later sold everything to Asa Candler for $2,300

          He began an advertising and marketing campaign that took Coke world wide.

          Ga Entrepreneurs and Businesses

          1941 Delta Airlines moved its headquarters to Atlanta to take advantage of the huge airport and transportation traffic.

          Home Depot - 1979 -Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank in Atlanta, Georgia, virtually revolutionized the do-it-yourself home improvement industry by creating the fastest growing hardware store and calling it Home Depot

          Georgia-Pacific - Founded by Owen Cheatham in 1927 as a wholesaler of hardwood lumber, has grown through expansion and acquisitions to become one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products and related chemicals.